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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Just maybe,

There's someone out there who is the only exception for me.

Who gives me enough courage to risk it again.

To risk getting hurt, to risk being vulnerable.

Maybe God IS writing the best love story for me.

It feels great to feel hopeful for once.

To have hope for things instead of brushing off any hope and positive vibes people keep trying to inject into my life.

To doubt what people say and think of the most negative aspect of every single positive thing said.

Maybe it's time to stop torturing myself like this.

Maybe I am good for something too. God DID create me so I guess I must be good for something that He took the trouble to create me, right?



cheng ling said...

Sayunk...You're good, and you're GOOD for EVERYONE. We <3 Ping Ping :D

Mrs Chong said...

awwwww....<3 you all back....You girls are God-sent la... <3

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