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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Mood swings

Raining heavily outside. Best to sleep in and just do nothing but roll on the bed. Had a terrible week I would say. I would love to blame it on PMS (which could be partially true) but I think deep down inside, I know it's me. It's just me. I guess it's easy to go out and meet people when you do it out of your free time and hard to go out and meet people knowing that it's a duty.

I missed being the carefree person who'll visit people and walk around USM like it's a mall. I really wish the passion will come back and not hide behind my tasks and responsibilities. I'm glad to have friends around me to pull me up when I'm down though.

Anyways, I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY, so much so that my roommates and neighbours started telling me that it's so hard to see me in my room nowadays.

I wished I can stay in too and not go out to see people. But it's my last year and there's a lot of things I need to do. I enjoyed my time being around my friends but I guess deep down, I need alone time. I need time that I can do things at my own pace, walk at my own pace and just be carefree. Has been a long time since I last admire the beauty of God's creation while walking to class. I guess that's what I need instead of running to one place to another and rushing to settle one thing after another.

And....I can finally blog!!!

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