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Thursday, December 30, 2010


You know what's worst than a day of running around the university to get your timetable fixed? Coming back to be greeted with NO WATER IN YOUR TOILET.

Everyone else's toilet has water by now. Why not the ones in Fajar? It's really not easy to live in a place where there is no water. And to think that we only do not have water in our toilet but we can still go on to other hostel to get our business done. By business I mean bathe and all the other things. Thank God I'm born in a country where I can get water easily (though it's hard these two days). So you people should remember to turn off your tap tight and if you have to, save water, bathe together. Gosh, that Pn Honey Khoo's tagline is already tattooed in my mind.

I'm homesick. If water doesn't come back by tomorrow, I'm leaving. Either you come back, or I'll leave./angry face. Super drama I know.

Final sem with 9 hours on Mondays, 1 on Tuesdays, 5 on Wednesdays and 2 on Thursdays. I started to have this crazy timetable since my 1st year just that it used to be on Wednesdays when I could hardly breathe, now it's on Monday.

It's 12.57 am now and I kinda miss playing congkak. Need to drag some people to go to USM museum for my congkak game.

And why is everyone suddenly so clean and hygienic? I was celebrating the 'waterless' incident on Facebook, saying how great it is to not have water cause that means I don't have to bathe and people started saying I'm "lasam" and say they can smell me all the way in Butterworth. They are just jealous. Guess what? There's still no water supply. I don't even have to brush my teeth. Jealous? Yay!!! *crawls into bed, nicely tucked under my fleece blankie with ChickBii beside me*

ps: Seriously, I bathed okay? I went to my friend's place in Bakti to bathe. Cause people say I "lasam" and say I stink till Butterworth. =P And I'm brushing my teeth cause I heard we have water in the pantry. I am really not "lasam", I think.

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