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Friday, November 19, 2010

Another sem gone by

This has to be  the most interesting one throughout my 3 years of uni and it ends so quickly.

First time I finish my exam in the first week with only two papers to battle my life for. People are giving me the i-kill-u look but, but, but...I suffered 2 years already, doesn't that count for anything at all? =P

I've been shaking legs and running around for the past week. Time to slow down my life for a few days before running around again chasing kids in VBS. I find life so fulfilling when I can do things for God, share His love with people around me.

Did a personality test and boy was it accurate. I'm both crazy and emo. SO TRUE. I'm not lazy though, what a relief. =P

Life is getting more and more exciting and the boy has met the parents and close friends and was accepted. Also cause they love me la. And he was a great boy to begin with. Meeting his family later and I'm really not a very good girl so it's going to be tough. =) But he is there to assure me that it'll be ok. <3 No fear.

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