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Friday, October 22, 2010

Chick Bii

Have like mad obsession for chickens ever since my friend created a story about chicken cuddling together early in the morning cause of cold and also a chicken that pokes.

Don't you think it's super adorable? And my friend drew this on MSN chatbox okay? Super talented. I can barely draw a proper smiley face. Anyways, after I saw Diana got her Miku, I wanted it so bad cause it's cute!!!! I call it Chick Bii, cause it's a confused chicken in bee outfit. Although S&J label it as a duck, IT'S A CHICKEN TO ME.

 Hai, I iz Chick Bii.

Squeezing Chick Bii's face. =)

 Chick Bii's first meal, Secret Recipe's Raspberry Yogurt Cheese or something. Super bahagia.

 More camwhore pic with my Chick Bii.

Berbonding with Chick Bii. =) My Chick Bii is so super duper cute.

Chick Bii at his first Jazz Band concert. Super bahagia la. Got cheesecake, Jazz Band concert all. Nonsense.

That's the end of my Chick Bii's first day out. =) By the way, I sent Chick Bii to his nanny. Staying with the nanny. If you spot him around somewhere, he's with THE nanny. =P


Diana said...

like like like! super like! Miku now has a friend xD bffs <3

Mrs Chong said...

hahahaha diana...bff tak habis habis...

jess* said...

i saw ChickBii!!! ;)

Mrs Chong said...

jess: u did???where??with THE nanny?

Swee Win said...

what bout the chicks on my calculator! do u rememberr them? ahahah i still din gif u the pix yet :p

Mrs Chong said...

win: OH YA!!! HEHEHE ALMOST my love for chicken has longgggg been there... :P

jess* said...

haha yup with the nanny in the car that day.. and ur ChikBii popular now in our video wheeeee! :)

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