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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I iz dark chocolate

Holiday was fun! I did my work the first week and play like mad the second. Seriously, one whole week of going out, having fun to the point, I feel tired =P

I gave my friend my hard disk so I can't post pictures. Pictures will be added later.

I went Redbox with friends, had apartment stay like good ol' days, took 1000 pictures, had 3 steamboats in 6 days, then had our much-craving-for mango crepe, went for a swim at 11.30am-damn stupid I know keke, went out with someone for the whole day and had fun, went Hat Yai and shop to my heart's content. Life is good. =) Met Diana TWICE in Hat Yai, super got jodoh can kahwin already if she's a guy. =P

Came back, settled some more work, by next Monday I should be sending in most of my work and starting to relax a little. Still have a few that's due end of October so I have time to get my work done. So fast, I'm finishing my 3rd year first sem. Crazy isn't it? But it has been a wonderful roller coaster ride. Many unexpected things happened and I'm glad it happened.

Got darker and darker. Now I'm no longer white chocolate + milky chocolate. I'm more like dark chocolate. All thanks to the walking in uni, taking insanely lots of pictures on the beach, swimming at 11.30am, I KNOW, what was I thinking? So now, I iz orh kia, mummy say one.

It's true that we plan but God decides. He knows what He wants in our lives and we live each day, surrendering everything to Him cause He knows best. And God, if this is Your plan, i like. =P

Uni is great, few more weeks to finishing this semester and I'm a bit reluctant for it to end so quickly. Time flies when you are happy...or maybe when you are busy =)

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