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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Are you sure?

It's happening again. I unconciously leaning on another wall, a man-made wall. Not very wise? I think so too.

Need to go back to the real wall who'll not crumble on me. Who knows exactly how to build me up and knows exactly what He wants me to be. A wall who is SURE of what He is doing and not just leading me around the bush.

Holiday has been...slow. I mean the time passes fast, work progress slow. And I have my WHOLE next week fully booked. So really, I don't know if I can finish my work. Doing bits by bits but tonight I have to finish something and I got it...50% done.

Tomorrow more work to settle. All my 'plans' are re-arranged so that I can finish more work in a day. Cross fingers that everything works well. I really want to hang out next week. *kill all lazy bugs*

Anyways, got my sis to cut my hair two days ago. When she was done, she said, uh-oh. Scare the crap out of me. Ok la, not too bad la. I was traumatized earlier okay?

With specs

And without

Not a very safe thing to be let roaming on the street. Almost got sister killed because I did not see the car reversing beside me and just zoomed past. Thank God I'm okay. Must remember to pray before I drive next time.

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