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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wai Kin's Birthday

It was Daniel's ex-roommate's birthday. So we double-dated to Victoria Station to celebrate his birthday.

Sayang with his default cheeky smile.
The other couple, Wai Kin and Wai Lin.
Their Papaya with Fresh Milk
Nom nom nom.
Our Tiger Prawns and Chicken!! Yums.
Daniel Chong and I.
Praying, look at his serious face.
WK and WL's dinner.
One small cake from us. =P
Happily singing song for WK like a smo boy.
Whee...I love Victoria Station. Very pwetty.
Took a pikture outside of it too.
WK and WL.

Good food, great service, romantic ambience and awesome company. =)

Happy Birthday Wai Kin. =) Glad you had fun.

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