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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Clinic Cafe with Emmoes

So there's this clinic concept cafe in Gurney Plaza and we decided to pay it a visit since Emmoes are visual beings. We don't mind if the food is just normal, we want the environment. Also to camwhore la. So we went. Diana was er...a bit late and I was practically starving so the food was acceptable to me.

This is Hooi Shan's Tom Yam Bee Hoon. It was spicy to me. But it's still acceptable. They serve their food in this metal container which people use in hospitals during surgery.

Hooi Shan's Tom Yam Bee Hoon, June's Black Pepper Spagheti and Ling Ling's Tom Yam Fried Rice. All super spicy to me. T_T I no goods in eating spicy food.

All the food comes with this tiny little flag and I was telling them, 'Amboi happy posing all, but when PBSM ask to donate, run far far =P'.

As the value of this place is the place itself, we took lots of pictures which I believe will be more if Swee Win comes back to join us.

We got a syringe of....blood...No la, chili sauce. And I purposely ordered the 'money bag' to get this syringe of chili sauce. =P /shy I is like that la. But we get to camwhore with this thing so all is well. Worth the money paid. Nom nom nom.

Me and our (shared with Diana) fried rice I forgot what we ordered. -.-"
The awesome-possum light. Needs to do some surgery now *mask on, coat on* Cuts open....the chicken.

Love the girls.

Our drinks in this...beaker. =P My Chemistry super fail. Forgot all the names for these things already.

And the most important one, Hooi Shan... <3

I would say this place is worth a second visit. For the environment cause a lot of them weren't around to join us. And the food is alright. Not like super good but it's good enough. Besides, the last trip, someone paid for us. Like drama kan? You know you and your giggly girl friends go makan, then walk to the counter to pay.

 Cashier: Thank you.
You: How much?
Cashier: No, it's paid for.
You: Huh? What do you mean?
Cashier: Someone paid for you already.
You: No no no, you got the wrong table.
Cashier: No, that person said he/she is your friend. Paid for you already.
You: No, no, I don't have a friend. I think you've made a mistake.
Friends: Sure it's table 25?
Cashier: Yep, table 25.
Friends + you: *Puzzled* okay. Thanks.

*runs in case they realized it's wrong table* KIDDING. =) Friend's friend paid for us. No secret admirer at work here. Sien. Drama Queen wants more drama. *taps finger on the table*

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