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Sunday, May 10, 2009

This is how you celebrate Datin's birthday

With lotsa good food!!!! She insisted that we go to Foong Wei for her birthday dinner. As birthday girls always WIN, we went there last Wednesday. I get to pamper my tastebud and my seriously-don't-need-anymore-pampering tummy.

The two daughter with their mummy. Look at my mum (labelled as Ah Chern) and the Datin. HA-HA. No teeth one eat kacang look alike one I tell you. XD I'll take mine when I'm their age and toothless. =P

First up was this yummilicious Shark's Fin. I can never say No to a good bowl of Shark's Fin. Seriously. I can pass anything but not Shark's Fin. What I really love about this bowl of Shark's Fin is that the crab!! Gosh, it has huge huge chunks of crab meat and it's just very thick, rich and yummy. It's not like those you have at wedding dinner, very diluted and all. This is DA BOMB.

That explains why I gobbled down two bowls even before the rice was served.

Chun pia. It's good. I mean I like it but I really couldn't eat much since I've gobbled down two bowls of super good Shark's Fin. I would say it's a good chun pia but I cannot tell you how good it is because all I remember was their super good Shark's Fin and my very satisfied tummy.

Curry fish not-the-head. It's slices of fish. But yums. I'm a fan of curry with ladies fingers and tomatoes!!!!! Fine, I'm a fan of tomatoes. =P I ate a little of the curry because I cannot stomach anymore rice so I left the curry untouched. Just had the tomatoes, ladies fingers and fish. I did ate a spoon of rice just to be fair to the curry. =)

The table of food. There's two more dishes that I did not manage to take a close-up picture. One is that green plate of vege (their famous dish which I did not really like. Probably cause I was too full already) and their tofu (also their famous dish) with huge chunks of crab meat again. Totally crab meat overdose. I am okay with the tofu only because I was really very full after the Shark's Fin that I cannot enjoy much of the food anymore.

But this is different. My all time favourite (and much more affordable) sweet and sour/plum sauce chicken. YUMMY!!!!! Datin grandmama loved it too. She was a happy birthday girl (pun intended). She was eating so much you thought she starved herself the entire day for this.

Me and Sun, my cousin's gf. My cousin is away in UK so she joined us.

What's a birthday without birthday mee? For the old people of course. I think youngsters don't mind if there's birthday mee or not as long as there's birthday cake. =P So I guess we've adopted the Western style into our daily life.

**Birthday Mee is Lam Mee. However, to differentiate them, Birthday Mee has shredded orange and yellow coloured fried eggs sprinkled generously on it.

To dip into our dessert!!!

For desert we had 'Fa Sang Woo'. I've always loved 'Fa Sang Woo' with that sweet cake to dip in it. However it can be too filling and you'll get jelak of it because it is too creamy. You can never have a second bowl.

I love their service there as they will offer to change the bowls and all if I ask them, eh, is this one dirty or is this one chipped? I think it's a great place to bring your family (especially older generation with fussy tastebuds). It can be rather packed on weekends though as it is very famous. Go early to avoid disappointment.

Foong Wei Heong Restaurant is located at:
23 & 25 Jalan Sri Bahari
10050 Penang
Tel: 04-2611 918

****ps: I was looking at some website and they actually offer break-up messages to be downloaded. WHAT IS THIS MAN....Nonsense.


Johnny Ong said...

good thing its found in penang. otherwise, i'll be spending away to get those nice food hehe

Mrs Chong said...

Johnny: =)) Yes...good food in penang...

stupeed demon said...

zzzz apala... u makan shark's fin 1 ah... yerrr so cruel 1. on another note, u r really a spitting image of ur mum.

Mrs Chong said...

peter: hahahaha....nehmind la...what to do???super good... XD I am more keen of the crab meat...hehehehehe

and yes, I hope I win that DKNY perfume.