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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I have to learn to appreciate

I am about to complain on the lack of productivity during my holidays that I am sure I will truly appreciate once I am back to USM. Let me be a normal human and complain okay?

I've been playing Bejeweled 1000 times a day with lousy marks every day.


Get me one will ya?

KL sayangs are going back to KL already and that budak Sabah is going back to Sabah also.

Sigh. I shall not complain cause I'm at home. Just the other day while I was complaining, my eldest sister asked me, 'You want to go back USM is it?' Chieh. Whine a bit only ma. Cannot meh? *mumble mumble*


weiwei said...

are u the next kok? woooo~ i play bejeweled till i dream of it every night haih wtffff

Mrs Chong said... scary..dream of it...of all things...dream of hot guys ker apa ma...dream of colourful bricks plak...and I'm no Kok k?

Risya! said...

yes i am studying in USM.
yes i think it's in the main campus, the one in sg.dua right?

i am taking social sciences. & next term will be my 2nd year. =D

what about youu?

Mrs Chong said...

risyaa: Hey...yea...the one at sg dua...I am taking translation and interpretation and next sem will be my 2nd year too.. =))

Social science...You know Abel, Sharon, Justin and Michael?

SGRMSE. said...

Bejeweled! LOL. I'm a TETRIS addict!

Mrs Chong said...

whoaamello: ar???how to kick this addiction away??? XD

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