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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Me camera pro?

My sister pinjamed Canon D450 from her friend to play play a bit and to see if she knows and likes to use it before considering whether she should buy it.

After trying it, it's not THAT bad la.

HAHA. That's me posing with the camera. Then when we finish taking these shot, I asked her, eh, I no remove the cover meh? She answered Yes! T_T Don't even bother to remind me one lor.

That's my sis looking all confused and HUH? while trying to make her shots not blur.

As usual, I am the only one layan-ing her since we are room mates. Seriously, I am usually the only one layan-ing her with all her karenah (pattern) HA-HA. Pattern!!! So cina. It means I'm the only one who layan her nonsense la.

#1. I become the model. Picture one, BLUR!

#2. Too bright and blur. Lagi teruk that first one.

#3. Ok, no more too bright but still blur. WHAT IS WRONG???

#4. @#&*#@ still blur.

#5. Finally, got flash then not blur. But something is wrong la. Why like that one? If no flash then blur like we take macro like that. Cuma all blur, tarak focus point.

#6. Then muncul me!!!!! Who some sort managed to take normal pictures without flash!! That is after I think for like don't know how long on how to close that pop-up flash. In the end Pao slowly push it down. GUAN LAI PUSH DOWN ONLY. T_T

#7. Final shot of the sceneries from my window. Well, kira pass la for day 1.

Should we buy DLSR? I don't know. =s
Pictures are nice but our skills are terrible.


Mad Maureen said...

At least you guys' photo-taking skills are better than mine..) Hey, i am roommate with my second sister too.. Is that a kind of a tradition for siblings with three sisters, huh?

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: cause eldest sis wants eventually, second and youngest will have to share.. XD

awwww..don't say that... =) we brush up our skills.

ColleenC said...

i thought with huge arse camera like those.
ask a 5yo to take pics it'll also come out perfect wan?
=/ hmm. i guess i was wrong.

Mrs Chong said...

nee: APA NI??? la...a lot of things to adjust...tak tau how to adjust pun... XD if they oledi adjust properly then ok la...

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