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Monday, May 25, 2009

A peek into the trip to Bangkok

I'm going to do it a picture post and try to type as little as possible. Cancelled out cause failed miserably.

#1. A collection of photos of us in Penang International Airport. The middle one is our tour guide for this trip from Hot Babes Travel Agency. She's in charge of the flight tickets and bring us around (with the help of free maps from Bangkok Airport.).

Asst. Travel Agent is me who is supposed to prepare the itinerary and also to assist the travel agent.

Traveller 1 is in charge of having fun.

Traveller 2 is in charge of the bills, hotel and having fun. XD

#2. Because we were going by AirAsia, we had some small makan-makan session at McD before we boarded the plane. Look at the choo-choo mouths. HAHAHA. I don't know what happened.

#3. We reached Bangkok Airport at about 5.45p.m. their time. We took a individual picture with that statue. If you can see clearer picture, it's us showing very serious face.

Last picture is the travel agent and assistant doing the 'YES' pose that we did during our past trip to Pangkor.

#4. Maps we took from the airport. We grabbed as many different maps as possible (Penangites on the loose) and it proved to be a good move as some of the maps are not as user-friendly. We proceeded to take the taxi (outside) which cost us about RM30 in total. (The airport limousine one wanted to charge us RM30 per person okay?)

#5. Checked in and rested a while before going out to look for food. We were so hungry and was too lazy to walk further to try our luck on finding more food choices. So we went to one of the seafood kopitiam we saw opposite our hotel.

#6. Our food. Char Hor Fun, tomyam, fried rice. We actually ordered another dish which is the fried mix vege but it came very much later so we did not take picture of it. The Char Hor Fun is not like ours where the hor fun is rather smooth. Their's rather sticky as they kind of like deep fry it until it's very crunchy and berketul-ketul first before mixing the gravy.

Communicating at the kopitiam was a huge problem but it was alright. We enjoyed our food.

#7. When empty tummies has been filled, we walked further and found fruits, glorious food. In the last picture, you'll see our traveller #1 busy opening her pouch bag to grab some money as she's met her first love, the rambutan. She was happy, so she's done her job (which is to be happy).Finally we reached the mall we saw on the way to our hotel, the Robinson mall. So we went in and bought some cakes and ice-cream and walked around. The ice-cream looks very cute. That's why we bought it. HAHA. I think the amount of ice-cream I ate during this trip (beginning from Penang Airport) is more than the amount of ice-cream I ate the whole year.

Last two pictures are of me in the Tuk-Tuk. This one is so different from the one in Hatyaai. That's the last time I took a Tuk-Tuk during this trip. It was a scary, fast, and cooling experience and I really mean scary, fast and cooling. It's more expensive than taking a taxi for the four of us though. It costs us Rm2.50 per person. However, you really should try it, even if it's just once. (My attempt to make everyone else suffer the traumatizing but valuable experience. It just goes on to prove that Penang drivers are not the worst.)

That's day 1. =))

Important Point 1.
When you reach BKK airport, grab as many free maps as possible. They come in handy throughout the whole trip. =))


iriene said...

Tks for ur comments. I had just clicked Freedom ads on ur blog.
The food really look delicious
(your Bangkok trip). We went to Bangkok/Pattaya in May 2007, we truly enjoy it. Tks for sharing and it kinds of refresh our memory of our trip too. tks!

Swee Win said...

but i tak tau tengok map how ar?? how wud i know where is north south east west..last time spirit of penang also sesat jalan..pusing2 the map also dno what im c-ing..kekekeke

Mrs Chong said...

iriene: no problem... =)) look delicious huh???Yea, while blogging it, it refreshes my mind of that trip too... =)

Win: HAHAHAH, easy, get someone who can read the map!!!!!!

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