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Friday, May 29, 2009

Bangkok Adventure Continues

Day 3 - Jatujak Weekend Market.

We started our day with hotel's breakfast again.

#1. My pretty sister. So cute la she, macam baby.

#2. On the way to Jatujak Weekend Market.

I love their MTR cause it's not packed like LRT in KL or MRT in Singapore. Perhaps it's because we went on off peak hours.

#3. YAY!! We reached Jatujak Park and Jatujak Weekend Market is just beside the park.

I love these picture because of the green grass and the three other gorgeous and important ladies in my life. Everyone was so happy upon reaching but soon the face turned a bit 'black' but all is well. =P We still had fun.

#4. The very first thing that made Pao took the pictures. Shoes and shoes and lots more shoes. But we did not buy any from this four bunch.

Love the colour of these pictures. So pretty and happy.

#5. The sausages and street food that most bloggers say MUST TRY.
Yummy. And it's so cheap. like THB100 per stick only. The coffee carried by that man is THB250 and taste like Nescafe. We saw him when we were busy bargaining with a seller. The seller bought from him and asked us to try. So we bought one because we find it cute I mean him carrying the tank of coffee on his back. So special. I don't usually drink coffee.
We had lunch at one of the stalls at Jatujak Market and left to go back to rest as it was very hot that day and everyone was a bit drowsy.

#6. Yummilicious goodies we ate at Robinson Mall's food court because it was raining heavily outside.

We had our 2nd plate of Mango Sticky Rice for the trip, my yummy Mango Pok Pok (I want to go Johnny's and eat them now!!!!), the super good pork stew rice, the babi stick, Salmon ball and Tom Yam (our 2nd for the trip). Actually we had another pork stew noodle or something but we did not take the picture. Yums to the max. I miss BKK.

#7. Me eating the taste-like-salmon's salmon ball. Bought because it's rolled in a ball. Sigh.

#8. Before we headed back to our hotel for the night, we went Swenson for a quick, cheap and good ice-cream. =))

After the good dinner, we went back to our hotel. Got our feet pampered at nearby massage parlour at THB 250 per person. It was such a relieve to get our feet thoroughly massaged after long day at Jatujak.

Of course before we retired for the night, we went over to our favourite snack shop a.k.a. 7-11 to grab some sausages for supper. Sausages overload. XD

Important Points
As Jatujak is very big and it's like a maze, you might get lost if you are seperated with the rest of the group and it might be hard to find them back. So there are few tips I think might be useful.

1. Have a layout of the place and ask for help from the nearby stall owners to help you to label where you were at. That way, you can plan with your group to go back to the same place a few hours later just in case anyone got lost. If you show your layout and tell them where you want to go, the owners will most likely be happy to help you.

2. Buy whatever you lay your eyes on and don't think about comparing prices or check out other stalls first. You will most likely unable to locate the store again. Even you can locate it, you probably run out of money or is too tired to buy. XD

3. It can be quite hot so if you are not a person who loves the sun, shop more in Platinum Mall cause Jatujak can make you worn out pretty fast.


Viya said...

wah!! can eat pork satay!!!!

Mad Maureen said...

wow, you really enjoy your holidays.. learned a few Thai vocabs, huh? ;)

Mrs Chong said...

viya: yeahhhhhh...pork satay...

maureen: korp kun ka... XD

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hey, THB100 for pork satay and THB250 for coffee is not cheap at all!!!

You should reduce a '0' there. hahah...

Kao jai mai??

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