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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do people change?

Love you girls and errr... guys? XD

Anyway, it has been such a longggggggg time since I've last met Joel or June. So I'm glad that we still talk like we used to and everyone seems to be like last time. I mean the minor minor characteristics that made us great friends.

Missing: Su Ling (toothache), Hooi Shan (UK), Ju-Yen (tired from work), Sharifah (got exam)


Sharifah Ili Anati said... missing in action again..sobs sobs...

Mrs Chong said...

can I have your number? I don't have your number la cik adik, macam mana you mau saya ajak you???u can add my msn at or you can email me your number?

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