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Monday, May 11, 2009

A day at Kawan

We left home at about 8.30 a.m and got there about 8.55a.m. After mingling around, we went to fix the OHP for our worship later. My sis and I were supposed to lead the worship and we sang wonderful Hokkien songs.

Kawan, friends and that's what they are to the homeless people on the streets. This place is actually established to help those homeless people by providing them place to bathe and change their clothes and also provide them lunch every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Saturday morning, they can come over for mandi, listen to Hokkien sermon and have light breakfast. However, on Saturdays, not only homeless people will be there but also people who are poor or people who wants to attend Hokkien sermon.

See? =)) Ta-da. The place and time. It's right opposite Love Lane Inn which to me was a very good landmark to direct people there because it's so pinkish red.

That's me posing with the beautifully painted wall. I wonder who did all these but they are really beautiful artwork.

My lovely sister who can speak good hokkien and translate them into good BM. T_T I ought to be ashamed of myself.

Cheryl, me and Pao. Cheryl was kind enough to join us in front to lead the worship because my sister and I are hopeless like that. Wait a minute, I was the only hopeless one. Pao was my heroine of the day. =))

Pointing at my blog link or Kawan?? XD After the sermon and serving the people there with food, we mingled around and took more pictures. I had fun although I did not talk much to the people just because I don't know what to say.

A bunch of happy people from my church. Wherever they go, they seem to be so happy and chirpy and fun. =P Unlike my sis and I who always try to slip out of the place and run home. Why are we anti-social like that?

We left Kawan at about 11.30a.m. and went to Salsas to have our lunch. Two of our CG members are going off to Tanzania on a missionary trip so this is kind of like a farewell lunch and also just to makan and satisfy our tummy needs.

Salsas deserve a new blog post altogether because it'll be too lengthy and draggy if it's put in this post. But I assure you, it deserves a whole new post altogether. You'll find out why.

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