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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waving weakly below the pile of assignments

As soon I start to see some light above me as I'm under a pile of assignments, that very small hole is once again being closed by another pile of assignments. I JUST NEED TO BREATHE MAN!!!

I thought I would have enough time to reach out and get some fresh air. But they are not letting me. According to my list of assignments, I've got enough assignments to keep me all stressed out and packed till end of this sem which is late April. All a poor girl like me needs is a break! All the assignments are supposed to be handed in either on the same week or one week after another.

I should keep my productive level high and do as much as I could before I have to face the thing that every uni students dread but have to face- the do-assignment-till-morning. It really doesn't help that ALL my assignments are contributing quite a lot of marks to my final results. Ok, not quite a lot, it's A LOT. I cannot afford to lose that 30% if I want to keep my CGPA high. My sem 1 is just cukup makan. I must not give up or I'll be so frustrated with myself. Ok, off to settle more assignments.

There'll be less updates cause I need to clear my mind a bit. =))


cheng ling said...

Ping, we are all the same here. So together we pia ka boi k. Its ok to whine and complain here and there. Because we are, I was, I am.Haha...See if you could break away in March.Hang on there!

Mrs Chong said...

I do hope I can break away in March. After late March, it'll be time to study for exam. It's insane. Why did I even take this road most taken in the first place? Gosh...

*most taken cause most people I know are in uni. =P*

I wished I am adventurous enough to take the road less taken.

stupeed demon said...

wei, this road is less taken for me, cos all my friends all not here. eh cukup makan enough d la, later makan too much gain weight haha.