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Monday, February 09, 2009

I iz can comprains

I am very scared now. =((

- HPW 18th February, no. of pages 12- Done nothing cause I know nothing. T.T
- LSP 458 10th March, no. of pages 8-10 - Done 5 pages. I don't know how to write till 8 pages.
- HET 123 9th March, no. of pages 17 - Done nothing cause I know nothing again.

MADNESS OKAY? I really don't know how to finish it all!! I am shaking already. Got so many exam some more next week. Spanish oh Spanish. I read nothing. T.T I regret enjoying my weekends. Plus, I did not get good night sleep for the weekends. Keep having dreams after dreams (because I woke up to go toilet and got another dream).

So I am mentally, physically but thank God not yet spiritually drained now. Please grant me your blessings to roll on the bed and whine a while before continuing to study my HBT 105 for test tomorrow. Thankyouverymuch.


Anonymous said...

Wow, 9 March for HET123? Thank God you mentioned it here.. If no, I would be in my dream land and did take for granted it's still a long time to submit that (ASS)ignment.

Mrs Chong said...

yes...week 12 is somewhere around that date... =(