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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is it still the same?

As I looked out of the window,
On this beautiful sunny afternoon,
No rain, no sun and no rainbow,
Just me, alone.

Once again I thought bout the past,
And of the memories, in me they last,
Those dreams we created and crushed,
But they no longer make me frust.

I now believe that time heals all pain,
For I'm still very much sane,
I stopped turn back to stare,
Cause I have a better future to prepare.

I am happy for the choice,
I made 3 years back,
I believe it's the best and I rejoice,
For wisdom and courage I usually lack.

I saw people peeping into my window,
To see how's my life, am I drowned with sorrow,
Or is the cupid there with her arrow,
All I can say is, don't kay-po.

Life has been good if not great,
I am happy, I am glad,
Bad times left,
Good times stayed.

I guess I am finally happy. To be who I am, to prepare plans and pathways to a brighter future, to be proud of myself for once. To be drawn closer to Him and be in His plans and carry out His plans.

All I can say now is, MA~~ Wa tua han liao!!!


sHaN sHaN said...

good for u lo gal... congratzz!!!

Mrs Chong said...

shan: Am waiting for u to jump on this boat with all those who have healed woi....Our next expedition is to go through this river of uncertainties and find happiness about 30 degree to south. Ok, I sound insane.

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