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Thursday, February 05, 2009


I cannot sidai baju.
I cannot walk out sesuka hati (cause they are working RIGHT outside my room).
I cannot get a peaceful nap.
I cannot be spared from noise pollution.
I cannot do my work in peace.
I cannot get less headaches.
I cannot get a breather.

WHAT THEY WANT FROM ME? They have been working on this awning (bumbung) thing for weeks or even MONTHS already. And they cannot finish it. You know why? Cause they come in for work at 10 (which I am quite glad cause I really don't like their presence), they sing and chit chat at 11.30a.m. T_T and they have 5 workers with 2 looking on. I don't know why.

It's so annoying to have them around. They drill, drill and drill even more holes the entire day and it's getting on my nerves!!! I get noise pollution in the morning and mosquito bites at night. What have I done wrong? I'm glad I am going home tomorrow. Hot weather + noise pollution + air pollution + mosquito bites can make people sick you know?


Doralin Lee said...

May be they secretly admire you kot.... that's why la their work can never get done... hehehehehehe!!!

Mrs Chong said...

no la...they want to see the girls more. Cuz here many girls wear sarong or towel go mandi. So mafan. Lol, those girls had to wear baju to go toilet and mandi now. KAKAKA...