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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Me iz going back

to a place where my social life does not exist. T.T It's like my biggest nightmare. The talkative me cannot stand being in the place where I don't talk much except with a few people T_T. The same few people and I guess that makes me dread to go back even more.

My dare-not-talk-to-stranger's attitude doesn't help either. Nevermind la. I'll just go back and pray every day that I'll get new friends. Boo. Every sem also same prayer. T_T

To my sayangs who are already back or who are going back to your uni-s (and that girl who is going to start her degree-the one that talks to soft toy dog in the car), we'll win this battle right? T_T The friendless battle. Ok la, friendless battle is only mine. T_T.

And some of my friends are back to do their internship already. Happy working la. Lol, adulthood. I happy studying, childhood. *vomits*

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