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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Life is crazy but I am finally liking it

I had a very errr...inspiring night tonight. I don't know if this is the way I should put it but I know it is a way I want to put it. Anyway, I just got back from a CG friend's place and we had such a great time talking, chatting, eating, sharing and learning God's word.

I think I've always been the lost sheep in a Christian life. Probably because I didn't really open myself up to understand. Usually I'll just listen and then although I don't get like 80% of what they are saying, I let it past. Tonight's discussion on prayers and forgiving my debtors as how God forgave my debts was really and eye opener. I will not preach here but yes, I had a great time.

Life has been crazy over here with so many commitments, and running about and assignments, some I enjoy doing while some I don't even want to think about. Wei Wei and I was talking about how small our social circle is. If you don't know what is small, ours is consist of me and her. T_T Damn sad right? And the most we can have is like Yi Lin added into it. T.T Damn sad can die. But after we relate it to our coursemates today, I realized, WHERE GOT? Our social circles includes another two more friends and many others. Just that our classes are different from people so we can't eat together. *self-console*

Ok la. My social circle is NOT that bad la. Ok la, I'll go sleep and have a good dream just because an annoying mosquito is flying all over and trying to suck my blood. Byes.

This is just to test if I can upload photos with USM's connection. As you can see, the result of this experiment is that I can upload photos with USM's connection. So, it means that USM's connection is better than before already. Don't complain. =P


Swee Win said...

eh y still din sleep..sudenli i c everyone update blog at this time.haha

Mrs Chong said... la...i just got back from CG makan-makan and bible study. Then wanted to online a while and teringat never update blog ma. =P U leh?

CL said...

hey Ping Ping! I tagged u in my blog. go have a look if u're free k? cheers! :)