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Monday, February 02, 2009

I can throw away my tummy already

Wei Wei is right (finally for once) that my tummy so mm chang hei (kinda like useless), should throw away. T_T I am feeling discomforts again and it's NOT EVEN NEAR PMS period. I used to have this discomforts when it's somewhere near PMS or when I eat coconut based stuff. Probably that kueh bangkit la. But I cannot taste the coconut also.

On another note, ECX!!!!!! Ok la, I saja want to put cause I got nothing to write and Wei Wei is pestering me to update. T_T How can she do that to me when she only updates like once in 6 months? wtf.

ECX's leader Chris. He should be earning quite good money lor with so many classes and competitions he won. I never thought dancing can be that useful or fun to watch la. Seems like the aunty in me was very hard at work. You know like telling all those people "Aiya, don't break here and there la. Later break your bone how?" And now I am watching them on television with my hands on my mouth. Amazed by them. I guess I've become younger? But ECX dance more popping and locking and those are real good ones. I like to watch.

And I think it's so cool that they have story lines each week and they are ever so funny. Some people just have their right brain fully utilized. I think inside my skull, my right brain's place is empty one cause I am NOT CREATIVE at all one.

Anyways!!!!!! I like this. Damn random I know but I have to go to PKA FNM in a while. So I don't want to type longer and guess what??? If you have not noticed, I CAN UPLOAD PICTURES!!!!!!! This is like miracle okay? Is it true that they have set up a stronger connection for us? IS IT? IS IT? Eh, I got vote during the election in USM okay? Means I contributed. KAKA Syok sendiri. I voted cause they said it's compulsory. T_T

Got to go. I got tonnes of homework not done.


weiwei said...

AIYER UR TYPE ALL IN THIS POST! TYPE B WTF AHAHAHAHAHAHHA B for beng wtf. hahahahahahah slanted fringe LOLS.

Mrs Chong said...

weiwei: NO LA!!!! Ah Beng are those with ugly hair. I kinda think this kind of hair is okay what. T_T I am asian root one. Tak ada dreamy dreamy nak kahwin ang mo kau k? Plus, asians with the ang mo hairstyle sure ugly. Better than Ah Pek hairstyle.

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