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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Driving Lesson #3

Today i go driving with only one indian girl..and that girl was from the same school bus as i am and she was in my school for a month b4 changing school..she has frenz in my class!!! so we drove around a lot today..esp me since today is her 1st lesson and she cant control the car well..i get to go up the bukit,go parking and 3-point turning a lot..and today,no poles were knocked down,no mati engine a lot(few times on the bukit only),no freak out moments...

it was smooth and fun for me..but i tink tht girl a bit kesian..cuz ah tan keep asking her to round the padang and that made me pening too...she has problem in controlling the stereng and she makes the wheel masuk longkang once,knocked down a pole which was not even on her way..not to say i wanna boast or wat but this girl oso a bit problematic one..she dunno how to control the car so ah tan ask her to round the padang..n u noe wat she did???she dare to hit on the accelerator while pusing-ing..ah tan go talk and i had to jaga her and she freaks me out...imagine hitting on the accelerator while turning...i so dizzy now...when i had my 1st lesson,i dare not to anything big...i turn stereng oso turn a bit,i put clutch oso put a bit,i dun even dare to hit on the accelerator although the car was slow until ah tan asked me to..i only spent like 20minutes on the padang and then i get to go on the tar road...anyway,i might hv to take my pretest soon and i am not very confident..wish me luck cuz my wheels never in the yellow box.. =(

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