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Sunday, October 22, 2006



A friend is an angel sent by God,
Being there with you even if you've just been robbed,
Learning to love is learning to give,
Sharing and caring is what we believe.

Those who have fate will eventually meet,
These relationship will blossom from just a seed,
Ours had blossomed and now we shall keep,
Our friendship will stay strong and deep.

Oceans are wide with lots of fishes,
So is this world with lots of species,
We've met now and we shall stay,
For bad ones leaves and good ones stays.

My guardian angels are those who loves me,
And those who are my friend, we are meant to be,
Worry no more for I'll be there for you and you'll see,
This friendship means more than what people thought it may be.

Hugs and laughter we will share,
Till one day I meet you there,
Photo hunt and rock fever I want to play,
Not forgetting taking pictures the whole day.


this poem was written by me on the 27th of April to all my close close mayb some part of it..esp last paragraph,some of u wont understand..itz something the <> share...


potpourri said...

What a sweet dedication to your friends. Hope that they are touched by your appreciation for them!

Mrs Chong said...

thanks... =)

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