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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Driving Lesson #1

today i've tried all...driving alone,naik bukit without instructor but a nice lady,naik bukit with instructor and one boy behind,3-point turning with tht boy,instructor and lady in the car,parking with them also...well..itz not tht horrible la...but i alwiz mati enjin at the naik bukit part lor..n 3-point turning,i was bz talking i knocked down one tiang cuz forgot to brake...hehe..n tht poor lady had to pick up for me..but i like her...very one time,i naik bukit and kenot pass,alwiz mati enjin,one man outside was shouting this girl kenot pass y???minyak tak cukup lor and tht stupid boy laughed at me... =( bad u noe laugh at ppl??i noe la...u pro ma...1st time learn nia pass the bukit like pro d...but then u noe how to drive d one wor.... =( kesian i...ok la..start from the around 2 like tht,i walked to the place where ah tan ask me to go n so ngam i reach,they oso reach...naik kereta go to batu maung lor...then reach batu maung d,tht girl start driving,i sit beside her...and tht boy well..he went smoking...after a few rounds,tht girl is ok d and ah tan get her another car and taught me naik bukit..that was when they had a fun time shaking in the car....everyone was like at the disco...all drunk and i drive alone a while..then let tht boy drive...then i learn parking n 3 point turning and la la..go back time..spent 4 hours there i tink...super tiring...hehe...and got one girl tergores her car to the roundabout and the instructor scolded her...kononnya frenly..their kedai nama frenly but instructor sikit pun tak frenly... so.....driving is ok after all... =) i am a happy tml.... =)

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