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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Suan Ming (fortune telling or tilik nasib)

Yesterday which is Wednesday, my driving instructor called up to change day with me. Tht’s because he planned to bring me drive on the road at 11am but well , I woke up at 10.30am and cleverly did not return his call. So we changed to Thursday and my sis immediately called my aunt out to ajak her go out. Lolx we juz cant stay at home for one day. Thank god we diden cuz we would have died in the house of boredom cuz connection was damn tak boleh. So my aunt came over and fetch us at 2pm like that. She brought us to go tilik nasib at the “chit tiau lo ban san” (7th road market). I sat down and she start talking to me lor. Let me summarize wat she said bout me.

i. She says I would b better if I was born a boy. (but no,I am a pure girl and yes,many tilik nasib ppl told me that)
ii. She says I will kahwin at the age of 24. (Yay!! I can b a young mummy)
iii. She says I will have 3 anaks
iv. She says my ex loved me but something blocking us so we had to let go (whoever my ex is. Lol)
v. She says I will buy big house and have super meriah wedding. Juz like my sis.
vi. She says I have money problem. (I so need money rite now)
vii. She says I tink of money all da who don’t?
viii. She says I got no one who will help me. (how sad??)
viiii. She says I am bad tempered but my anger last awhile only which is super duper duper true.
x. She says I more kaypo than my sis. Lolx..again..true true true.. my sis is a freak,she dun care bout other ppl one ler… =(
xi. She says I am lazy and dun like to study. Lolx she is wat? A private investigator or a spy as a part time ah?so chun one..
xii. She says my sis and i will b very very rich and we will buy APARTMENTS after she read the tarot card which show a can a palace become an apartment for us only???plus,very rich get bungalow mar..y apartment wor???
xiii. She says dunno which year a fren will buy me a house which i am very puzzle about...WHAT IS THE FREN DOING??apasal mou tuin tuin buy me a house?? =.="

ps: she also said my sis is pretty...which is not really a result of tarot card reading or anything as such... =)

I am a happy’ll b rich!!! Heh.. that is if she is right lar....

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