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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Life of a Master student.

Working was mundane but studying is mad busy. T_T Been reading journals after journals, books after books (and watching Forensic Heroes 3) but still haven't finish doing my assignments. And I have only two weeks left to vomit something out to be handed in. Last minute work does kill!!!

Anyway, I will survive. As I am too lazy/busy to update my blog, twitter and everything else, I will make it an effort to at least post a recipe each week, whether the ones I've tried or have been meaning to try. Just to keep my blog alive. Recipes or craft ideas. Just in case I didn't cook.

Daniel and I bought these beautiful glasses from Daiso (RM5 for 3) to make dessert as we got pretty cheap oreos (RM2 per tube) over the weekend. Will be trying out some dessert soon. We have bananas, oreos, full cream milk (to whip them up), vanilla pound cake and some other biscuits. Daniel will create his own layered dessert. Will see how it goes.

Next up,
Baked mashed potato (like pie)
Visit for nice dresses.