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Friday, December 16, 2011

Hotel Naza Y YOU NO?

If someone request to be removed from your mailing list, do you email that person and ask why?

Well, I'll tell you why. YOUR FOOD SUCKS!!!

I was complaining that night when I had your so-called 'Grilled and BBQ Buffet' with my RM24.90 Mydeal/Groupon (can't remember, they both had it) voucher. AND IT SUCKS! It sucks even more than the Haven Delight one that I went (this deserve another post altogether but the story was, the ones we ordered, did not come, the ones that came already, came a few times more. Service is darn messy.)

So I was okay about it already because I don't usually file complaints or say much. I usually whine and grumble on my own. I know, damn chicken. But then, I got pissed (yep, Ping Ping just got pissed) and I sent this email to that person like a boss.

I didn't want to give any feedback before this but there has been several emails sent to me promoting the buffet. I bought a Groupon voucher some time back and finally went for the buffet at your hotel on the 10th of December which was last Saturday. The was not much variety of food offered but I didn't mind. I was shocked to find out that there's no bread offered with the soup. But that's beside the point. The service given was excellent and the view was breathtaking but that's about it. The ready-cooked food offered was just 5 or 6 dishes, 3 out of which was bad. The butter rice has no butter taste in it, the mutton and the beef was practically tasteless and cold. I am the least picky about food but this was enough to turn me off. The hash brown was nice though.
Then I moved to the 'grilled corner' with just 4 grilled items offered (and it was supposed to be grilled and bbq buffet or something). It was okay although I did not have much appetite to continue. I moved to the dessert corner and found only two types of malay kuih and two types of cakes with other fruits. So I took a little of each. To my disappointment, the seri muka (which is my all time favourite) was tasteless. The glutinous rice was JUST glutinous rice. No taste to it. The fruits and cakes were okay. The ice-cream was awesome!!
So at the end of the day, my verdict was, only the fruits, cakes, ice-cream and hash brown were really edible. And to think that this buffet initially cost about RM50 and I bought it for RM25, I still feel cheated. Initially I thought I shouldn't expect too much since it's a groupon voucher that I was using but no, that thought is wrong. Even though I only paid RM25 for something that cost RM49.90, I should be served food with RM49.90 cause this is a promotion. I hope this feedback will help your hotel to improve.

See, I even ended it with a good note. /damn proud. And the email on the promotion of the buffet kept coming. So I emailed that lady, requesting to be removed from the mailing list. She replied asking me why I would want to be removed. T_T Your food sucks and YOU'VE BEEN SENDING ME THE SAME EMAIL FOR 5 4 TIMES AT LEAST. I marked as SPAM and did not reply.

Force people to rant it here one.

ps: Decided to forward the email.

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