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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I can haz Ipad2 for Christmas

This comes a little late but I am in denial, and looking for all ways possible to not do my assignment though I know I'm digging my own grave.

Daniel Chong bought me Ipad 2 for Christmas!!! That bugger who is always so stingy thrifty I mean, forked out over RM1.7k to buy something for me. He is always so thrifty when it comes to spending on himself but splurge all for me which makes me feel very bad cause I splurge more on myself than on him.

We have been filling our baby in with lots of apps. I clothed it with a brown leather and put on 'contact lense' (protective screen la) on it.

Buying me flowers, chicken soft toy, more flowers, more things. Basically he just made himself even more unpredictable. He has successfully scrape of that predictable mask and been keeping it off for some time after we got together. I need to buck up and be unpredictable too. I have been an annoying little pest, a lazy one at that, who refuses to do her work and wallows in self pity whole day. CRAP!
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