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Monday, October 24, 2011

My Happiest Moments

For those who knows me well, you would know that I take pictures ALL THE TIME. Especially of myself. And when I am with Eemoes (my girlfriends), it's even worst. We can take 600 pictures on our 2 day one night apartment stay and really, all the photos are just of us doing silly things. Daniel would know even better since he has been elected the chief photographer ever since we got together. And he loves his job I think.

I was trying to choose a picture of my happiest moment and I browse through my pictures. I have many happy moments, so many that I couldn't seem to pinpoint to one. Imagine having a harddisk full of pictures and pictures only. Vainpot I am.

I am blessed and I am happy with my family, boyfriend and my awesomer that awesomest girlfriends. God blessed me with people who truly care.

I decided for the sake of the competition to choose pictures when I laugh the loudest (or appears to) and I decided to take the one during my convocation with Eemoes. This is the picture of me laughing unsophisticatedly because we were taking multiple shots and we don't know what else to do.
They came and waited for me for an hour, went around with me to take pictures of me with my Pong Pong tree, under the humid weather and yet able to smile with me. I love my girls. And I got my girraffe!!!! And flowers...and teddies...I am loved. Daniel is again the photographer and he captures beautifulllll candid shots of me. Damn pro my chief photographer I tell you. Olympus Pen will come in handy for my chief photographer to practise on his photography skills and capture even more beautiful moments like this for me.

It's impossible to choose just one happiest moment but to be able to live each day with my loved ones is the happiest moment for me. And if I win the Olympus Pen, I'll ADD on to the happy moments and be happier!!!! The boyfie really needs a camera that doesn't have a red light on ALL THE TIME.

Simply because I love green really.

1 comment:

Mad Maureen said...

Aww so sweet. I like the photo of you in pink (taken by your bf, am I rite?) So beautiful... Really capturing THE moment. :)

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