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Sunday, February 13, 2011

These babies melted my heart

In a very different way Daniel Chong Voon Chuen, don't sulk there.

I have never been a big fan for dogs, puppies yes. And I'm still scared of huge dogs. These babies in my cousin's house melted my heart over the Chinese New Year.

Happy happily in my arms and Lucky stood by. Pups are so smart, they look into the camera.

It's clear I was totally hooked on Happy.

Lucky acting selamba at the side.

Forcing Happy to camwhore with me to which I failed cause Happy wasn't looking at the camera, neither was I since I was practically cut out of the picture.

Happy iz shy.

But I wasn't. T_T Shameless

I want Happy!!!

How not to love these pretty pups here? I want a puppy too...Or a hamster. I don't care!

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