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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had 6 days of steamboats at different houses, cooked by different family and they all taste different. I know, you might be thinking, steamboat is just soup and those ingredients like fishball, fish, prawns, meat, vegetables right? How can it taste different?

Every family has their own way of cooking the soup and they are all yummiliciously different!

2 days before CNY I cleverly suggested dinner at Bar-B-Q

My ATM was there. <3

Nom nom nom
The night before CNY had reunion steamboat at Chih Heng's place.

1st Day of CNY steamboat at Ah Win's

Making Popiah for the first time.
 2nd Day of CNY was spent at Sis's Godmum's place where I had another round of steamboat - tomyam and clear soup but I did not take picture.
3rd day of CNY, I had my steamboat at Shan's new place

Nom nom nom ice cream.

And the final one was at home but I don't have the picture with me now. So CNY has been of steamboats. Not that I'm complaining. I love anything soup. And homecook ones beats anything out there.

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cheng ling said...

Ping, where is Bar-B-Q? Affordable? Nom nom nom tasty?Lol

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