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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Having MY time

It has been a while since I last do nothing, sit around, watch shows, do my work and just chill. I miss doing this. I used to spend every meal alone in my room and spend the entire day doing MY thing. But now it's more like OUR time, OUR thing.

I love having MY time. Went to meet lecturer just now and got my draft back. Need to rewrite the story but I'll settle the things I have in hand now first before attempting to do the others. I have quite some items on the list that needs urgent attention but I'll be okay. I'll pull through.

Me at beach. =) Such a blessing to have a boyfriend who is good at taking picture. Then I get to dress up, go somewhere and take picture. FOC dating. But I have to remind him again and again to take picture of me and not just of the place because he tends to neglect me when he saw beautiful views or interesting thing to capture. What to do? I not interesting enough ma.

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