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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Highlights at Monkey's House

Discussing about the puppy

Mahjong with no money involved. I can't even read the characters for goodness sake.

Faster faster.

Adorable kid

Happy climbing up the stairs. /melts

Happy and Lucky. SO CUTE


The tiny Happy

Taking care of it like a baby

Big Lucky

I want both!!!

Add caption

Nom nom nom

Making sure the pups are not coming up

Guard at work. =P

Group picture of the day

Puppies up

Kiwi and Lucky

my cousin and I, with Kiwi and Lucky


Lucky still active.
Chinese New Year check list.
Family - Checked
Laughter - Checked
Camera - Checked
Taking pictures - Checked
Food- Checked
Firecrackers - Checked
Ang Pows- Checked.

It was a great one. I had fun. And it was that faithful day, my grandma forgot my ang pow. =( All is well now.

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