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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Pre-Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has been of eating, eating and more eating. It has been a while since I last posted any picture in my blog because I'm plain lazy very busy. You know, final year student with final year projects, I have a life to live okay? =P I do miss blogging, posting nonsensical stuff and laughing at myself. But the boyfriend, Mr. Daniel Chong Voon Chuen says my blog is too wordy, too boring for him. Cis.

So I shall only update for those who are interested to read of my not so eventful life. Let me write this for Chinese New Year first. Other rants will be in next post alrighty?

The three sisters have something in common, you see. No, it's not the face or the chin or the height. It's the thick-skinnedness. Even before Chinese New Year, while we were cleaning up our house and decorating our place, we go on telling our boyfriends, friends and anyone who cares to listen, "Our house will be very pretty soon."

So we had to make sure it was pretty else we'll have to put mud on our faces and stay in our 'pretty' house the entire Chinese New Year.

Love the redness of this place. I totally adore this huge huge mirror.

Smartest purchase this year was the curtain and this set of cushion covers. Worst buy last year? The curtains and that set of cushion covers. Yep, we learn fast.

Everything is red red and ong ong. Love that centerpiece.

The usual red 'chai' (the red cloth that we must put on our door during Chinese New Year)
You see, we recycle all our decos, so these things are only out to see the world once a year.

That little (not so little actually) plant over there was decorated by me. /action maction.

My bedroom where the fluffiest and comfi-est bed is at. /rolls around.

Oranges that are carefully swirled with red papers as offerings. I am a Christian but my grandma still practises all this.

You will not recognize these containers now since they are either empty or soon to be empty.
So tell me now, my house pretty or not? /glares

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