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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


If you read through my birthday surprises last year *here*, *here*, and *here*, you would have known that the Surprise Birthday Party Club already dibubarkan. This year I was less excited about my birthday because I was having lots of stuff to do at uni and I was burned by Charlie and also all other petty things. My mum was nagging me to get my wishlist into my blog but I was being plain lazy.

So I thought ok, I'll just have a good dinner out with family *first sign of getting old T_T*

But you know how my two sisters will never settle for anything less than the best for their little sister a.k.a me. Gosh, it makes me feel so....terrible cause I am usually busy in uni or having exams and all during their birthday and someone needs to do something already!!!

Even before the clock strike 12, I had my first surprise already. Then when it strikes 12, I got TWO more. Last year, it was only 3 surprises in total and I don't even want to imagine how this year's will be like cause I know it'll be the BEST-EST ever.

1st Surprise
Thank you to Diana, Yi Lin, Jen and my second sister. Love you all. My sister actually contacted them after found out that they'll be giving me surprise and did lots of stuff that I did not expect though there were hints.

First, my sister asked for my phone *where she stole Diana's number*, then she refuses to send me to meet with my CG people early. Then a girl named Diana called her -.-", then she opened the door to get her "shoes".

So the surprise was Diana, Yi Lin and Jen came to my house with a birthday cake and insisted that I cry. I did not cry not because I was not touched but I was too shocked, I really was touched k? Just that I did not cry.

Guess what?? They spent a longggg longgggggg time outside of my house trying to light up the candles cause they don't know how to use lighter. My friends are so cute!!! Hugs to each and every one of them.

As I had another plans already, they waited for me in Coffee Island for like 2 hours ar? I don't know la. But THANK YOU GIRLS!!!! Then we went Ali for supper. Hugs...Three of you are God sent angels. And you represent the rest of the angels sent to me as they are not around.

Ah Shan called after that with Win, Wan Mei and Yi Lin on the line also, singing birthday song to me. I love you girls!!! I miss you all already. =((

2nd Surprise

2nd Surprise has to be this la.... It is already a very touching posting by my second sister and guess what? THERE'S MORE...

I was like that the whole time I read the blog. In shock, in disbelieve. LIKE WHAT???? KENNY WROTE ALSO???? Ewe Yan... GOSH!!! OSTROVA,HWEE YENG, LIYIN, YET TYNG AND WENDY ALSO...AND HSUIYONG!!! Ok, I think you get what I mean. I was shocked. My second sister went to message all of them on friendster facebook and messaged my cousins too. I am touched. I ALMOST CRIED. I really almost cried in this one but as there were many distractions, I managed to control.

Thank you to those who've written something down in that blog. It means a lot to me to know that I have so many people who remembers me and loving me. Thank you so so much. =)) Hugs to each and every one of you.

Also to the huge amount of people who have messaged me on facebook, my mobile and also sending wishes on the walls on facebook, THANK YOU!!!!!! I am overwhelmed with the amount of friends I have. So I pandai bersosial also la. XD

3rd Surprise

The whole night my eldest sister has been taking out empty boxes, cake boxes and all and say, "Surprise!!". -.-" She is like that. HAHA. Then she brought out one plastic bag with two envelope and I was about to brush her off. Then I decided to have a look and true enough, one of the envelope is REALLY for me.

All these, I mentioned before that I want them but as I'm a poor uni student, I often decided not to get it. Now I got vouchers to redeem them!!!It's so touching because it means a lot for me as they listened and they remembered. I love you Pao and Che and Mummy and Ah Ma who is cooking. =P

-.-" My eldest sister ask me to bring my friend and go redeem this using this voucher which clearly is printed using the printer at my house!!! So funny la she...I've been wanting to go there to try their food but never had the chance. Must keep my vouchers properly.

And this one!!! So cute...hahahaha..I love Master Yoda's drawing. XD I love you all for every single thing you've done for me. I can't thank you enough for showering me with all the love that I at times do not deserve. Thank you!!!!!


reddaisie said...

u got the 'guess who is who' rite!!!

Mrs Chong said... cuteeeeeee la u master yoda.. XD

[ jN ] said...

nice surprises.
and the voucher thingy is so cuteeee. :D

Mrs Chong said...

Joanne: yessss...and i have a feeling there's more...but I am really thankful...Yes, I got romantic sisters...hehehehehe..

Mad Maureen said...

wow, u deserved it all, girl.. have a very nice legal birthday.. ;)

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: thank loyal reader...hehehee

Swee Win said...

ur so lucky ! jealous wei..haha..sory my blogpost for u kinda simple..last min..haha.. so happy leh turn 21 d..get 21 presents..go bangkok must buy me souvenir! lol..

Mrs Chong said...

win: hee..happy...thank u...heeheh..i miss our pictures...u got the one we took after sports one?? I miss that one..hehehe...