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Sunday, April 26, 2009

So now bloggers sell bread???

Seriously, to have my sister, Pao, who rarely update her blog *last time, now damn gung-ho* to tell me that I very long never update my blog already is a bit scary.

Anyway, I was at Prangin Mall yesterday afternoon with my sis and her boyfriend. It has been a while since I last went to Prangin Mall since I am practically a new Gurney convert. It has been quite some time since I last saw colourful clothings or people in colourful clothing and it has been a while since I have to climb up escalators instead of letting it do its job (just because the ones in Prangin Mall doesn't work).

I've been stuck in USM way too much to be out shopping in Prangin. Most of my weekends, I would go Gurney or just laze around at home.

Regarding to the title, well, guess what I saw?

Though it just another shop selling bread, at least the name of its shop got my attention and actually gave me that urge to take a picture. =)) So, bloggers sell bread now???


阿欣 said...

walao!surprising!creative weh!
haaha..maybe you can ask the boss why he will name his shop as "blogger".:)

Mad Maureen said...

Oh, wah, too bad i did not notice this shop though i kind of visit Prangin every week --> blur as always... but maybe this is located at the other wing which i seldom visit..

Mrs Chong said...

wanshing: hehehe...maybe I would but i dun think the boss was around..hehehe... =)) Probably he is a blogger himself. =P

maureen:'s new la...I think last saturday was it's opening ceremony... =))

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