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Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm all ready to go. I've packed up 95% of my stuff. The other 5% are my clothes that I am going to change into later and also my pillow and bedsheet. Heh, I might want to nap a while later ma. XD

I've learnt from past experience to not bring so many things. I think I did improve a little but really, not much. I still have to go three rounds to get everything down later. And I still have leftover food. -.-" Anyways, mummy coming over later.

So now I am just chilling while waiting for her to come in about 2 hours. By 5.30 I would have finished packing I think and I hope. This sem passes so fast hor? Like a while nia, Ah Win also coming back already and I've not seen Yi Lin very long. Next semester cannot let such thing happen again. Must keep our friendship flame burning. *sound like some poet or something-bahasa bunga*

First year is over!!!!! Good bye first year, good bye F25/312A. I'll be back.

pps: Operasi Budget di bawah RM 5 has been a successful one the entire sem. Keep up the good job Ping and keep the price low *to the penjual nasi-s.* Thank you. =))


Mad Maureen said...

Talking about not bringing so many things, I cannot help that.. :" Have to ulang-alik three times to bring my things to my sister's apartment that day..I still keep my incomplete old notes from last sem because sayang want to buang.. huhu~ It's hard to admit, but I am a compulsive hoarder -->(correct spelling or not?)

Mrs Chong said...

i googled and I think it's correct..hehehe...i think many girls are guilty of that la...i still keep my notes too..Just in case I need it next sem. XD there's always a just in case =P When I grad I'll throw everything laa... XD

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