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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My 21st Birthday

It was a blast!!! I did not have any party but I'm touched with all these small gestures from people who loves me. First of all, I got 21 presents from my family.

1. Marjolica Mascara *gushes* /bats eyelashes.
2. Birthday Card
3. Hug & Kiss from Pao
4. Hug & Kiss from Che
5. Hug & Kiss from Bu
6. Hug & Kiss from Ah Ma *this friend here tak co-operative, never give. XD *
7. 21st birthday cake which is the cupcakes!!
8. Birthday Dinner at Bagan.
9. Necklace
10. Key Pendant
11. *all of you who participate, I LOVE U ALL*
12. Bangkok Trip *Yipeee*
13. Bathroom scale *to weigh my fats.*
14. Teddy *so soft and fluffy!!!*
15. Ang Pau-s
16. Flower *MY FIRST!!!*
17. Birthday Dress Voucher *which I've redeemed at Dorothy Perkins*
18. Opera Lunch Voucher
19. Hairband Voucher
20. Gladiator shoe Voucher
21. Cross Pendant Voucher

I have already editted the pictures and I think it's better to put it in this post as well. =)))

At the dinner place. The servings were huge and we were bloated. But I love the ambience there and the food was good too. =) My sister lied to me and say I'll go Goh Huat Seng which is the steamboat place. And it's not air-conditioned and I keep saying, I DON'T WANT TO WEAR DRESS THERE LA!!!! Mummy kind of burst the bubbles by saying, we going Bagan right? -.-"

That's me making faces while Pao was busy taking pictures of cutleries.

Then my eldest sister came in with a teddy and flower!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! My first flower. =)) This one was a surprise. Really.

The food came after that and we started feasting on it with beers!! Sorry. Got carried away with the tribal kind of feasting. It was a great dinner for all 7 of us. Ok, maybe 6. Datin was not very happy.

Then they brought out my cupcakes!!!!!My mum almost burst the bubbles again by asking my sisters about the cupcakes in front of me. T_T But my two Oscar winning sisters managed to make me think that they planned but failed to get them. I'm glad it's the cupcakes and not the key thingie cake cause it's expensive and not very pretty looking. I LOVE PRETTY CUPCAKES.

Then I decided to take many pictures with my family members. I love the all girl's concept. XD

Me and the two great birthday planner. They made my 21st birthday a memorable one and now I'm in trouble. Their birthday are coming up. I need to make something better. Maybe I should get an aeroplane to hold the banner HAPPY BIRTHDAY *insert name* to fly around our house. HAHAHAHA.

I don't know what happened to my blog link. I am lazy to edit. This is my aunt. =))

Me and my key necklace!!!! I am a key holder now!!! So, let's go partayyyyyyy...Ok, I lied, I am not a party person. XD

Finally. Me and my Marjolica mascara. I've been wanting it for so long!!!!

And if you noticed my blue dress, that's my birthday dress!!! I love all my presents so much and I know they've spent a lot for this meaningful day. I can't possibly fork out so much for them but I know they won't mind. They love me ma. XD RIGHT? XD


fourfeetnine said...

happy birthday ping ping! don't worry u dont look old la = =

Mrs Chong said...

fourfeetnine: Thank you!!! friends they all keep calling me, eh auntie ah... =((