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Saturday, March 14, 2009

They say you'll know

Do we look like sisters enough for you??? No one believes it when we tell them we are sisters. Even worst when we tell them I am the younger one. You should see their eyes. So huge, it might pop out. Serious. So yes, we are sisters and I am the younger one(although according to some metabolic age I am SO MUCH OLDER).
Oh I love my sisters.
ps: Was at a friend's wonderful place.


Mad Maureen said...

Lol.. I am always mistaken as the older to my elder sis too.. Huhu~ Not just because of height, but because of my face looked older.. But the difference is, some people think that me and sister look alike though we look like we come from different nationality.. lol.. But i think you and sister look somewhat alike.. ;)

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: SERIOUS??? =P People go like O_O SISTERS? when we tell them, so yay...i look like my sis... =P

Swee Win said...

weii..that day oso people mistaken me as the big sister..omg! thn got anotha time they tot my sis was my fren..aduhai..aku nak pengsan..n my sis is like so proud n happy that she looks younger or same age as me.. used to people mistaken me younger than my age.tiba bcum older..cis cis

Mrs Chong said...

sweewin: HAHAHHAHA...ur sis very cute laaa..and scary..cuz she shouts "piu piu" for no reason...hehehehehe...

u like being younger than ur age or older than ur age???I've never been mistaken for being younger than my age lor. O.o