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Sunday, March 22, 2009

My bed is wet

It's NOT YELLOW!!! I never tak sempat go toilet one okay???

I guess the rain in the afternoon was so heavy, the water came into my room from my window and wet my bed. I was about to change my bedsheet when I touched my blanket and realized it's a little wet. Then I touched my bed and /boohoo, it's wet too.

My bed is like super duper near, if not 1/8 under, the window because of the weird design of the room. =s Luckily I have already planned to change my bedsheet and have one ready here in my hostel already.

=( I hates wet bed.

ps: Back in USM. Busy week ahead. =)) I'm looking forward though.


reddaisie said...

nvr meh?
last time small time always wet the bed one

Jen said...

wet dream ah u??

Mrs Chong said...


jen: T_T all bully me one...I am the victim k??? T.T

3w3yaN said...

wahlaueh...raining water oso can come into ur room ? go complain..if next time go back..den raining..den..habis d..

Mrs Chong said...

eweyan: HAHA...wont kuttttt... XD