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Thursday, March 19, 2009

After a gruelling 6 and a half hours

No, I've not gone for a labour. But after a gruelling 6 and a half hour, I've finally completed my assignment. At least for now. I might add some stuff though. And my lecturer decided to postpone the due date of my assignment to Monday. It's okay, at least I've finished doing it and I can have a peaceful and relaxing weekends.

I've S.H.E to do but it's okay. I can take my own sweet time since it's not that tiring with words, words and more words. Seriously, report is the last thing I would like to do right now. I'm so exhausted, mentally and psychically, doing all these reports and research and comparison.

So I'm going home tomorrow to see that poor girl if she is doing well and jumping around *she does, according to mr lim*. =)) The burden is finally off my shoulder.

No picture cause internet connection here is as cranky as me.

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