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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I iz not doing very well

Now I am a bit worried. Ha-ha. Finally, I am worried. Cause I cannot write 17 pages for my assignment and I was hoping that I can finish it tonight so that I can go for my CG tomorrow night and then finish up with my another assignment on Thursday.

Seems like it is not happening. So I'll skip tomorrow's CG to get my work done. =))

Initially I can finish it on time but somehow I found out that the other assignment is not as easy as I thought it is. So I will have to spend more time doing it and so, I have to finish up this assignment latest tomorrow. Hopefully I can start with the other one tomorrow night as I need to hand in on Friday.



Mad Maureen said...

Yup.. Really agree with what u said at the end of the post.. Dahlah have to submit them online too.. I think gotta submit use library line again.. Fajar line so bad one... Huhu~

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: no more last minute work this sem ya? =P