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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

/bangs head on the wall

LAYes, that's what I want to do right now. I need to close my eyes, scream silently and then get to my work. The workload has decreased a lot but still to have so many things still lining up till end of next week you just can't blame me. How I wish I can get over with it a.s.a.p. I thought I'm free for the next week already. Mana tau. They slowly throw in the time-bomb. They start with CMM test, then Oral Spanish test /igiveup.

I got spanish test tomorrow, then SHE assignment hand in by this week, farewell night this friday, oral spanish test next Wednesday *the main reason my wall got lubang now*, and finally CMM test next Thursday.

Then exam starts two weeks after this week. /runs around the room and knock head on wall. Sorry for all the happy tree friends acts. I stress okay? I'll be fine. Just need to cool down.

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