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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I need my alone time again

It's back. It has been quite some time since I last yearn for quiet time. I guess it's because there's so many things happening right now especially the assignments and I just want to have some quiet time to sort out my thoughts. To sort out my plans and my schedule so that everything will finish on time and all that.

I am the type of person though last minute, would never want to end up having to stay up whole night doing assignments and homework. I am glad till now, it has not happened yet but I am not sure if it'll continue that way since I have a lot of homework piling up now.

I am looking forward for my bathing time later. To wash my thoughts and stress away under cold water and do some thinking before coming back to continue other assignments. At the mean time, I have to finish this penulisan ilmiah before I can bathe in peace. =))

Everything is fine and will be fine. =)

Nope, did not get my quiet time cause when I went into the toilet to bathe, this very huge lizard was there, LICKING THE LIPS. Ok la, like licking the lips for the longest time ever. It's like human licking their lips over and over and over again. T_T

I was terrified enough when I saw it's size and it just HAVE TO LICK ITS' FREAKING LIPS!!!!!! T_T It was the second lizard I saw which was heading to my toilet when I decided that I should run out of the toilet. And so I did, knocking the sanitary pad bin on the way.

I got into another favourite toilet of mine and took my bath. Thank God no lizard in sight. But I was terrified enough already. I am sleepy now but I need to do my assignments. So I have to sacrifice my beauty sleep.

ps: I forgive the lizard. He/She probably missed the sentence where I said I am going to have my much needed quiet time alone in the bathroom despite me stating it in every sentence.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the information you shared with me about the HET assignment.. Though you are busy with your assignments, you still spared your time to visit my room to inform me about it.. Thanks a lot ya... Really appreciate it.. ;)

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: No prob... =)) That's what friends are for right??