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Monday, May 07, 2012

How to handle Miss Bossy?

If she is close to the boss - say yes to whatever she asks you to do. Whether you do it or not is another matter altogether.

If she is a reporter *who reports to the boss all the time* - just smile to her and ignore whatever she says. Unless she pisses you off then you give her a piece of your mind.

If she is much older - be glad that you are much younger. Let her be

If she is trying to teach you how to do your work - hint her to take over some of your job and gladly hand it to her.

If she is complaining about other teacher - never hesitate to gently defend the teacher. But ignore her.

If she is scaring your student - use it to your benefit. Mention her name as many times as you can in class for class control.

If she wants to come in and help you to control the class - invite her in whenever you feel like it.

But all in alll, pray that God will help you to handle people like her. =D

Stay safe!
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