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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Unexplainable pain

Was having period cramps and was feeling miserable all day. So when I was talking to Daniel in the midst of the pain, I attempted to explain to him the pain. But nothing came out.

It's unexplainable. It's like you are having a stomachache but you don't need the toilet. And it feels like that the whole entire day. How do you explain that? Besides, my period cramps always come with migraine and diarrhea.

I give up. *suffers silently* And I have to rush an assignment. T_T And work. T_T

Let me whine a little. Good things will come. They say we should think of the good and positive side. Well, at least I have that pink panadol. And I got to drink fuchuk cause my boyfriend loves me so much!! =D Can't wait for all these (assignments and the pain) to be over!
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