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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Little Poupee

Am currently selling accessories on Little Poupee. The pleasure of buying things and then having people to like it and purchase it is indescribable.

Reminiscing the time when Pao and I were doing The Manni-Queen and we were thinking of ways to improve and promote our page. Now, it's only me. It can get a little boring and sometimes I really need opinions and some 'marketing' ideas. But they are all so busy. I resort to asking Daniel for his valuable input. =P

Anyways, while we are busy thinking of promotion ideas, do help me to spread this page around. Share it with your friends. =) Thankiuverymuchie. cute boh my bunny and crown. =P my idea. /flip hair

ps: Thinking of going to work tonight makes me feel so lazy. =P Ah...the pleasure of having one week's break and the torture as well.

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