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Monday, May 07, 2012

Adventure in the maze

I am famous for my lack sense of direction. I don't drive often and I usually go straight to the place I have to go. No sudden change of plans. I actually have to sit down and think of the place I want to go, imagine the whole route or I will for sure get lost.

So two Fridays ago was a challenge. I was about to go to work when I realized that my car's petrol is emptying. So being a "good driver", I decided to go and get them filled. But it was about 6.30pm and everywhere is sardine-packed jam. I saw cars lining up on the way to the Petronas near Bukit Gambir and decided to take the left turn to Lip Sin. I clearly do not know how to get to work from Lip Sin so I called for help.

Mr. Bf is in Melaka with his friends. So he taught me the right way and told me to get to work and put the petrol later. I said OKAY! And I managed to get to the Sg. Nibong traffic light, about 5 minutes drive from my work place. Then I, being a "smart ass" decided to turn right, thinking that there's a petrol station there and was welcomed with another traffic jam so I took another left turn into housing area and that's when I got REALLY LOST. Almost cried.

With persuasion from Mr. Bf, I finally took up the courage to drive some more though the arrow was REALLY pointing at E now. Lots of right and left turn later, I found myself back to a familiar road. Then I felt my car jerking. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!

Anyways, my car died down in the middle of the road, while I was turning so I was basically blocking everybody front back left right. I thought the petrol is completely out. I wanted to get out from my car. But Mr. Bf who is still on the phone asked me to try starting my car again. And I did. And it moved. My car stopped because I did not release the clutch properly. Scaring myself for no reason.

Anyways, long story short, I got to work, albeit a longgg way. I got a couple of colleagues to help me lead way to the nearest petrol station after work and even my boss knew my car is out of petrol. I don't know if there's anyone with worst sense of direction than I. I'm not even proud of it. T_T
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